Where to find us

Juvasa - Extremadura and Portugal

Warehouse with store Sales Representative

Calle Luis Ramírez Dópido, 30
Polígono industrial LAS PICADAS II
06200 Almendralejo, Badajoz
Tel.: +34 924 660 428
Fax: +34 924 663 785

E-mail: juvasaextremadura@grupojuvasa.com

Contact with Juvasa - Extremadura and Portugal

Serving the following provinces: Avila, Badajoz, Caceres, Ciudad Real, Madrid, Merida, Portugal, Salamanca, Toledo.

What do we do?

We sell glass and plastic containers and closure systems, as well as offering advice and the design and production of personalised packaging. Our warehouses are open to the public for large and small purchases.

We sell glass and plastic containers, jars, pots, flasks and bottles; closure systems and plastic containers. The different types and uses of our containers and closures are described below.

Types of glass jars, pots and flasks: PAR, CYL, Pâté, Siroco, Dessert, Sauce, Ketchup, Buckett, REF, Super, Ribera, Honey, Asparagus, Mexico, Standard, Barrel, Gallon, Juice.

Types of closures for jars, pots and bottles: Standard or personalised metal twist-off lids, Eurocap, Pry-Off, Press-twist for sterilisation, pasteurisation and vacuum-packing.

Uses of the glass jars, pots and bottles: olives and pickles, baby foods, fish and vegetable preserves, dairy products, spices, pulses, marmalades and syrups, fruit in syrup, pâtés, cooked dishes, desserts, sauces, juices.

Types of glass bottles: Bordeaux, Burgundy, Hock, Fino, Sherry, Water, Champagne, Spirits, Oil and Vinegar.

Types of stopper for glass bottles: Standard or personalised natural, agglomerated, synthetic or screw corks, SPP Pilferproof, BVS, DOP or Torrent stoppers.

Uses of the glass bottles: water, oil, aperitifs (with or without alcohol), soft drinks, champagne, beer, dairy products, spirits, juice, cider, vinegar, wine.

Accessories: all kinds of standard or personalised airtight lids, seals and guarantee seals for your glass bottles, jars and pots.

You can also find us in Seville, Tenerife, Gran Canaria, Extremadura, Valencia, Murcia, Leon.

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