Corporate Social Responsibility


In Juvasa, we are committed to society, not only because in every company it must be an essential task but because our philosophy believes in people. Along with our activity dedicated to sales and distribution of containers & packaging, we strive to make peoples dreams come true. As a result of our commitment, we have various areas that collaborate with Corporate Social Responsibility policies.

Equal opportunities, commitment to culture as well as the activation and economy boost are some core areas that we actively participate in.

For this reason we collaborate with the following causes:

Social projects

We live in a very personal manner the initiatives that promote projects for the integration of people with different abilities, the fight against diseases, the support for equal opportunities and social funds. Such as:

Asociación Asprona

The Asociación Asprona is an association that protects people with intellectual or development disabilities. Juvasa contributes in integrating them in society and a workplace so that they can meet their life goals and receive the necessary support to ensure it.

This association has 25 centers that serve over 600 people, collaborating with both people with disabilities as well as their families who are also affected by their situation.

NGO Arco Iris África

In Africa we collaborate with the NGO Arco Iris vaccination campaign in the Ivory Coast. The campaign supports the struggle against the Meningococcus A and B affecting thousands of people a year, this meningitis belt stretches from the Red Sea to the Northwest Atlantic. Not only do we provide funds, but we personally travel to help and witness the needs of these countries. The NGO Arco Iris also creates nursery schools in order to alphabetize the population from a young age and improve their future.


Juvasa collaborates with this organization to help victims from conflict and disaster-affected communities, poverty situation and food requirements, as well as promoting community development.

Fighting against Childhood Cancer

We also partner with Charity Runs against childhood cancer, such as SEHOP (Spanish Society of Pediatric Hematology and Oncology) that promotes fundraising for research in Childhood Cancer in Spain, supports quality care for patients and consolidates the development of the National Register of Childhood Tumours.

Another of the initiatives that we have supported is the day of “Pateando el cáncer infantil” (Kicking off Childhood Cancer) celebrated in Hotel Mare in Dos Hermanas, Seville. In raising funds for research and ensuring social support for children affected by cancer and their families.

Local Collaboration

At a local level, we collaborate with the “Brotherhood of El Rocío from Los Palacios and Villafranca” that organize Children’s Camps and the “Brotherhood of El Rocío from Dos Hermanas” that promote funds for social aid activities in the municipality.


Juvasa has sponsored for 15 years the volleyball team of Dos Hermanas “Esquimo Cajasol Juvasa”, we could say we have supported this team half of Juvasa's life. This year the women's team has been promoted to the highest category, thus becoming an example for being the only one in this division at an Andalusian level. In addition, there equipment has been created by our design company Avanza Packaging.


We have sponsored the publication of several books such as "Dos Hermanas. Juegos de ayer, de hoy y de siempre" and culture magazines like “El Soberao” and “La Unión”.


Juvasa is a member of the Advisory Council of the San Telmo PYMEX International Institute center. The goal of the center is to help SME’s achieve excellence through training and development of different lines of research that help entrepreneurs and directors face current and future business challenges. It is designed for small and medium enterprises, which represent the present and future of the economy of our country.

Local economy

Juvasa contributes to the celebration of the Farming & Livestock Fair of Los Palacios and Villafranca, to promote the local business and economy of the area.

ISO 22000 accreditation

In addition, as a result of our commitment to the quality of our containers, we have obtained the ISO 22000 accreditation which ensures there traceability as a primary element in the production process of an agri-food product.

This fact underscores the importance for us in offering quality products to our customers and the actions we take to commit in the integrity of our products.

At Juvasa we will continue to focus on all the projects we can for the effect and improvement in people's lives.