About us

Berlin Packaging Iberia is the Spanish subsidiary of Berlin Packaging, the world's largest Hybrid Packaging Supplier® of glass, plastic, metal containers and closures. Boasting more than a century's experience in the packaging industry, a workforce of more than 1,500 professionals and an international network of suppliers and warehouses, Berlin Packaging supplies exceptional packaging to customers all around the world.

Berlin Packaging Juvasa (formerly Grupo Juvasa) joined Berlin Packaging in August 2021, contributing  its extensive experience, professionals, commercial network and delegations in Spain to the company.


Our business model is designed to provide customers with any packaging need. We offer the client a differentiated service that incorporates the design, supply, storage and distribution of all the products they need.

As a hybrid packaging supplier, we provide a range of value-added services, combining the best elements of design and innovation, manufacturing solutions and customer services for the packaging industry:

- Design and innovation: we shape the packaging of the future.

Our design studios, Innovation Center in Milan, Avanza Packaging in Seville and Studio 111 in Chicago provide the customer with the most innovative solutions adapted to its product: such as any type of customisation (decoration, engraving, ad-hoc shapes etc.) or improvements in productivity to optimise transport and storage logistics.

We have high-quality procedures and first-class control standards, whilst providing technical assistance throughout the entire process.

- Manufacturing services: we make sure that our clients have just the right packaging they need.

Our team is constantly looking for industry leading partners to provide high quality glass, plastic and metal containers and closures. We offer more than 40,000 items worldwide and are continually increasing our range.

With our local presence, we are committed to fully understanding and meeting our customers' needs.

- Customer solutions - We take care of our customers

We offer our clients comprehensive supply chain management solutions and customised value-added services. Our extensive distribution network with 130 locations and world-class inventory management system streamlines warehousing, management and shipping to our customers.