About us

The Origins:

Juvasa was founded by Juan Valle Santos in 1987 in Dos Hermanas, in the province of Seville, to meet the founder’s need for glass jars in order to market his honey. At the time, there was no company in all Spain which sold and distributed glass containers on a small scale for the retail market.


The company increased its range of products with new containers, as well as all kinds of accessories, machinery and products for packaging. This facilitated the company’s entry into new markets such as vegetable preserves, oil, wine, spirits, sauces, etc. Today, we have over 3,000 products in a multitude of glass, plastic, cardboard and tin containers and we have distribution agreements with the leading packaging manufacturers at domestic and international level.

The Group’s expansion began in the mid-90s with the opening of new offices in Murcia and the Canary Islands, rising to a total of seven regional offices covering the whole of the domestic market. Today, the Juvasa Group is a leader in the packaging distribution sector.

The internationalisation of the company began in 2000, opening new markets in South America and North Africa, areas where we today run commercial operations.

The Future:

Our objectives for the future focus on maintaining our position as domestic market leader in packing and packaging distribution, working closely with manufacturers and customers to offer innovative packaging solutions which bring added value to the product at the most competitive prices. In order to achieve this objective, we are launching a new line of business, incorporating a team of designers with cutting-edge technology for the design and development of new models, offering our customers a comprehensive advisory service on the impact that these new products will have on their production, logistics and marketing costs.

Another of our fundamental goals is to strengthen our export division, opening new offices in countries with good prospects for future business.