Plastic bottles PET

Do you have a business and you need food packaging for your products? This is the site for you! In this category you can find the perfect container for soft drinks, water, honey, milk, oils, juices or any other drink you need packaging.

These bottles conserve drinks for a long time, are efficient, safe and convenient for transportation and use.

You can find a variety of shapes and sizes depending on the product you want to package. At Juvasa we have the bottle that best suits your business!


Found products

What can you find on this category?

 In this category you can find a variety of pet plastic bottles to fill with your drinks or products such as honey and oil.

These packages can be reused without losing their properties and are available in different capacities, from 250 ml to 5 litres. In addition, you can add the cap that you like best to your plastic bottle, choosing from several colours (red, green, blue, gold, etc.) and shapes (square, cylindrical, large, etc.).

If you need a plastic container for your drinks or you want to customise your containers, at Juvasa we have a wide range of bottles to suit your needs.

Bottles and containers for oil, jars for honey, bottles for water, soda or milk are some of the models we have available and we guarantee the best quality design and function for the packaged product.

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