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You are looking for plastic boxes for your food? Whether for a restaurant or you want to save food at home, at Juvasa we have the container that best suits your needs.

We offer a variety of plastic boxes to store all types of food: sandwiches, desserts, sauces or any other product. These PET plastic boxes are available in different sizes, from 180 ml to 2400 ml, with a total of 10 different sizes.

Transparent containers provide visibility and offer unique storage characteristics and durability for your dishes.


In this category we offer a wide range of plastic boxes to store all kinds of food, from sauces to casseroles, snacks, sandwiches or desserts you've cooked.

The design of these plastic trays helps keep the dishes kept in them in perfect condition, maintaining their properties and quality. These features make them suitable for both professional use in restaurants and for your homemade meals and tapas.

The material made of polypropylene plastic ensures strength and the transparent packaging let's you see the products inside. At Juvasa we have many different shapes with capacity ranging from 180 ml to 2,400 ml, with a total of 10 different sizes. In addition, you can choose from square, rectangular, round or classic triangular for sandwiches.

In order to ensure you find solutions to your packaging needs, we offer you a wide range of products. Choose the one that suits you best!