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We have the best deal in PET plastic bottles and cans so you can store your products in the size that suits you best. We have drums with capacity from 750 ml to 12,840 ml, with a total of 11 different sizes to suit your needs.

These containers are the best way to preserve your products whether they are honey, oil, olives or different types of drinks and refreshments.

The polyethylene plastic material provides high strength and durability and can store your products and maintain their characteristics. Do not hesitate, Juvasa ensures you get the best quality!

In this category you can find a variety of PET plastic bottles in which to store your products. Its shape is perfect for foods such as oil, olives, honey, jam or any kind of liquid products.

If you need to buy plastic drums, Juvasa supplies a wide range of containers with capacity from 750 ml to 12,840 ml thus adapting to the production size that most closely matches your needs.

These storage items are characterised by their polyethylene material that ensures durability of the products stored. Most of these containers have a handle for easy transport and use, thus they are useful for your own consumption or for selling the food products of your business with the highest quality.

Thanks to their easy handling, the pet plastic bottles will be your best ally. Juvasa helps you so that keeping your food longer stops being a concern. We offer different solutions for your products with multiple shapes and sizes.