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What kind of cork-stoppered oil bottles will I find on this page?

If you need to comply with the new rules prohibiting the use of refillable oil jugs you can opt for our glass containers with Guala Dop cap system. The non-refillable cap Guala Dop is placed manually, with a hard push, ensuring the inviolability of the glass container.

You can also pour from glass bottles or glass containers with cork, the most classic of the market, and the most convenient and simple to install manual cap system.

On this page, we offer a wide range of glass bottles for oils. Our range includes glass containers with Guala Dop closures, i.e. with a non-refillable cap placed manually with a hard push, thereby ensuring the inviolability of the product. This way, you'll be able to comply with the new regulations that prohibit the use of refillable oil pourers.

At Juvasa, we have bottles with capacity from 100 ml up to 1 litre, in a total of six different sizes. What's more, we offer two types of neck, with a cork stopper or a pressure stopper, and available in six different colours.

You can buy glass bottles or PET plastic bottles in a pack or a palette depending on the number of units required and product availability.

Our vast range of oil bottle formats with different heights and contours will adapt to your needs. Choose the perfect bottle for you!

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