Semiautomatic Pilfer Proof capping machine

Semiautomatic Pilfer Proof capping machine

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Closures not included (See compatible closures)
SKU reference 001062-32
Capacity 5000 ml
Weight 60000 grs
Height 1.260,00 mm
Color metal-silverish

Semiautomatic Pilfer Proof capping machine with lever, it's perfect for pilfer proof stoppers with or without pourer .Its descending head is equipped with 4 adjustable wheels.

The botlle with the cap fixed manually on the neck, is placed in the support plate.  When the side lever is operated, the closing head descend and fix the capsule in a few seconds.

  • Electric machine (220v single phase), control panel included.
  • Manual control of the rise and fall of the support plate.
  • Easy adjustment of the wheels by nut system.

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