Frasca 500 BL finish GUALA DOP non refillable MetaIMGIn Botellas de cristal para aceites

Frasca 500 finish GUALA DOP non refillable

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Closures not included (See compatible closures)
SKU reference 002022-414
Capacity 500 ml
Weight 400 grs
Diameter 69,00 mm
Height 188,00 mm
Color glass-white
Finish Guala -DOP-NonRefillable oil
Shape square

500 ml traditional glass container for olive oil. The Frasca model is characterized by its square base and pronounced shoulders in a white transparent glass color.

Snap closure system. Compatible with DOP GUALA stopper caps, characterized for being non-refillable, safe and hygienic.

It is placed manually. This closure ensures a single use of the container preventing subsequent filling. Cap not included.


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