Capper A315 for threaded finish 31.5x24 & prethreaded caps

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SKU reference 001062-115
Finish Capper
Shape cylindrical

The A315 Agrafadora sealing accessory is a tool created by Juvasa. It places the caps security seal guaranteeing a professional tamper-proof finish.

The material is made of high-quality steel, bronze and acetal. The appliance has a platform that provides stability to the bottle and 4 wheels that tighten the caps seal to the bottles neck.

Once the bottle is filled, the pre-screwed Prefiletado SPP 31.5 cap is placed by adding pressure and twisting. To position the security seal place the bottle on the agrafadora platform between the 4 wheels, squeeze the wheels and rotate the bottle until the seal is fully placed on the bottle.

Thanks to the Agrafadora once the bottle is opened the caps seal breaks ensuring our clients to be the first to enjoy the product.

Glass bottles and caps are not included. The pre-screwed prefiletado caps are available in different colors: gold, black and green.


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