Marasca 750 Oleo AV thread finish SPP (A315) MetaIMGIn Botellas de cristal para aceites

Marasca 750 Oleo thread finish SPP (A315)

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Closures not included (See compatible closures)
SKU reference 002022-268
Capacity 750 ml
Weight 500 grs
Diameter 84,50 / 67,90 mm
Height 275,75 mm
Color glass-green av
Finish Oil Screw PilferProof SPP31.5 STD - 20,6mm
Shape square

750 ml long and square based olive oil glass bottle. This container has a dark color that protects the oil from UV rays, therefore maintaining the oils properties.

Screw cap system. Cap not included.
Depending on the closure method this container is compatible to 2 types of caps:

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