Glass Bottles for Champagnes

At Juvasa we have a large selection of bottles for cava and sparkling wines in different formats and colours.

This type of glass containers are characterized by having thicker glass walls to withstand the pressure of bubbles of sparkling wines and can accommodate up to 75 cl.

You can choose between three different colors: cinnamon glass, green glass or extra-white glass and, on this page you can find the closures compatible with these bottles.

Found products

What kind of glass bottles will I find on this page?

On this page you can find several models of glass bottles for cavas and sparkling wines in various colours and formats.

The main feature of these containers is the thickness of their glass walls, specifically designed to withstand the pressure of the bubbles and for storing sparkling wines . They have a 75 cl capacity and are available in three different colors: cinnamon, green and extra-white.

Each glass bottle has varying heights, widths, shoulders and bases, but always stores the same amount, allowing you to choose which bottle best suits your tastes and product needs.

Juvasa alsos offer closures compatible with this packaging, so offering the possibility of buying the whole set without having to leave the page. Request a quote to buy a pallet from our sales team and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Don't think twice and do the right thing for your production with our quality bottles. We're waiting for you!

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