Glass Bottles for Spirits

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What kind of glass bottles will I find on this page?

In Juvasa, we have a large collection of glass bottles perfect for all kinds of spirits and alcoholic beverages.

Our range of shapes, sizes, colours and closures allows you to choose the container that best suits the needs of your product.

If you want to surprise with an elegant and innovative design, here we have the bottle for your needs. Also, on this page you can choose caps compatible for each type of closure.

On this page we propose a wide variety of glass bottles in different shapes, ideal to bottle alcoholic beverages.

Their sizes range from 40 ml to 1 litre with a total of 6 different capacities to store liqueurs, brandy, rum, whiskey, gin and all kinds of spirits.

You can choose from three colours: green glass, white glass and extra-white glass. In addition, on this page you can choose from 6 different mouths: cork, pressure or thread type, those that best suit the format that you want to give to your product.

At Juvasa we want to make it easier for you to buy glass bottles, therefore we give you the option of placing your order in pack or on pallet, depending on the product you choose and the quantity you want to buy. Packs are for a small number of units, while pallets are for large quantities. Do not hesitate, buy your glass bottles at Juvasa!