If you are looking for food packaging you are in the perfect place. Glass jar or glass bottle is the ideal kind of packaging for preserving all food properties. If you are looking for glass bottles and jars, airtight cans or a bottle of juice you are in the right place.
In the category of food packaging you will find a wide range of canning jars, jam jars, containers for honey and glass bottles for juice.

Found products

What kind of foodstuff containers can I find on this page?

This section contains a wide variety of containers for all your foodstuffs. Our wide range of styles, sizes and sealing systems can be adapted to your recipes, providing durability without altering the taste, smell or composition of the contents.

We have jars, glass barrels, glass bottles and renowned airtight glass jars from Le Parfait. You can find these containers in a multitude of different sizes, with capacities ranging from 31 ml to 4,250 ml.

Whether you need to box or store desserts, juices, smoothies, soft drinks, soups or any type of foodstuff, Juvasa have the right container for you. You can also find lids for every container on our page, whatever sealing system they use.

In addition to our wide variety of containers, on this page you can also find pasteurisers for your foodstuffs, filling machines, manual labelling machines and Le Parfait openers that will give each product a professional finish.

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