Vacuum sealer Apolo (up to 30 cm)

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SKU reference 001062-106
Voltage 230 V.- 50 Hz.
Output 150 W
Vacuum pressure 60 cm./Hg. (0,8 bar)
Flow rate 11 l / min

Apolo Vacuum Sealer for 30 cm bags.

Powerful, automatic and suitable for high usage, characteristics:

  • Dimensions: 369 x 17 x 9 x cms.  
  • Voltage: 230 V. - 50 Hz.  
  • Power: 150 W.  
  • Sealing length: Bags up to 30 cms.  
  • Vacuum Pressure: 60 cm./Hg. (0.8 bar)  
  • Flow rate: 11 l / min.  
  • Weight: 1.4 kg

 This model has a built in bottling socket plug. The compatible vacuum canister is sold separately here.

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