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What kind of cork stoppers for bottles will I find on this page?

Do you need a stopper to seal your bottles? Look no further when you need to buy cork stoppers, as you've come to the right place.
Our store sells a wide range of bottle stoppers in different colours and shapes:

  • Natural cork stoppers: They are the default bottle cork, made from 100% natural cork and available in two shapes: cylindrical corks (for machine corking) and conical corks (for manual corking).
  • Colmated stoppers: These are the closest to natural corks, with the difference that their pores are sealed with cork powder or resin.
  • Cork stoppers with head: Made from agglomerated cork, they make it easier to open bottles and are available with a wood or plastic head.
  • Cork stoppers with dispenser / pourer: Ideal for oil bottles, these stoppers offer a perfect closure system, combining the properties of cork with a dispenser / pourer, ideal for spill-free serving. They are available in different sizes with a transparent or gold-coloured dispenser.
  • Synthetic cork stoppers: Made from 100% recyclable elastomers suitable for use with foodstuffs. They provide the same benefits as natural cork stoppers with the chance to choose from more than 9 colours.