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What kind of stainless steel vats and containers will I find on this page?

If you need stainless steel vats or containers for storing your production, we at Juvasa can offer you the best range of tanks, enabling you to store and serve your drinks while maintaining the highest levels of quality.

These stainless steel tanks safeguard the properties of the products and are highly resistant to dirt and oxidation. You can purchase the tap for the vat on its own.

In addition to this, you can choose between different capacities ranging from 5 litres to 1,000 litres, with a total of 13 different sizes available.

In this section you will find a large variety of tanks and containers for conserving your production of beverages, beers, wines, oils, juices or any other liquid that you wish to store.

These vats are distinguished by their ability to maintain the qualities of the product in perfect conditions in addition to being resistant to dirt and oxidation.

In Juvasa we have a wide variety of formats, enabling you to choose between containers with a capacity of 5 litres up to and including tanks with a capacity of 1,000 litres, with a total of 13 different sizes available. You can also purchase the stainless steel tap for the tank separately.

Do not hesitate to opt for our vats or for some of our "Always Full" containers, which prevent the product coming into contact with air and therefore guarantee the conservation of its properties.

Choose from one of the 16 products in our family of tanks and containers and start storing and serving your production with this simple system.

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