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Apifonda bag 2.5 kg

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Apifonda, one of the best foods for your bees. It has a pasty texture mixing different sugars ideal for your bees, sucrose is its main component.

This bee food is designed to support and create new hives. Thanks to its pasty texture and its sugar crystals coated with a film of dissolved sugars, bees can consume it with great ease.

Why use apifonda?

  • All in one, you do not need to mix it with water.
  • The bags are perfectly sealed.
  • Great purity 1 kg of Apifonda equals to 0,92 of sugar in nutritional value.


When to use apifonda?

The Apifonda is a food that you can use to stimulate your hives in the spring, and as a support for the new swarms

How to use apifonda?

This food comes in sealed bags of 2.5 kg. Follow the following instructions:

  1. Wash your hands before opening the bags.
  2. decide how much food to put.
  3. Open the bag with a knife.
  4. Cut the desired amount, depending on the size and with what frequencies you will feed the hive.
  5. Place the apifonda inside the hive, in the feeder or simply on top of the boxes.

Where to buy Apidonda?

In we give you the possibility to buy your bee food in a very comfortable way. You can buy it directly on our website, or if you find it more convenient you can do it at any of our physical stores.

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