If you need casks or tanks to store your drinks or liquid foods, you've found the right website.

At Juvasa, we have a large collection of stainless steel casks and Always-full tanks with different capacities so that you can store your products in perfect condition.

Choose from one of our six sizes, from between 5 and 30 litres and place your order by pack or by pallet, depending on the quantity you need and the availability of the product.

Found products

What kind of stainless steel vats will I find on this page?

In this category, you'll find a wide variety of stainless steel barrels and vats known as Siempre Lleno, renowned for preserving the excellent properties of products and the quality of materials used. These vats are highly resistant to dirt and oxidation, 100% recyclable and very easy to clean.

We have thirteen different sizes, with capacity between 5 and 1,000 litres. The Siempre Lleno vats have an adjustable lid that prevents oxygen from entering, thanks to an air chamber placed inside the receptacle and which floats on the liquid. As a result, even if it is half empty, it will always look full.

At Juvasa, we specialise in packaging and we have a wide variety of products to make it easy to store your drinks. With our stainless steel barrels, vats and tanks, you'll find the solution for small and large quantities.

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